Welcome, we have decided to begin a gearhead blog. We want to share with you the pieces and parts of the gearhead lifestyle that get us excited about what we do. We will be putting out a new blog each week with the latest information about Just for Gearheads and much more. 

Let’s begin with a little history about us. Justin and I (Greg) have been friends for many years. We met in high school drawn together by our shared interest in all things mechanical and automotive. In the early days Justin had all those cars that we thought were so cool when we were in high school and he proceeded to do everything he could afford to do, souping them up. Would make sub boxes and many other things. We even went as far as to full fabricate a rear deck for one of his hatches. As we got older and graduated high school and moved on to our college life the projects continued to get more and more ridiculous. For one of Justin’s college classes he was making a drill powered bicycle. Justin then needed help from me to weld on the driveshaft so that the drill could get hooked into it. The bike worked although not everything was quite as balanced as it really should have been. Adult life led us in different directions as I moved all over the country for work and Justin stayed with one company although he did move locations. One thing that never changed was our love for cars. Justin bought a WRX and began to upgrade anything he could. In the end he had a full external wastegate and the highest torque TD04 on the east coast. I bought a Genesis 3.8 coupe and did some minor upgrades. Unfortunately the 3.8 platform was a large investment for aftermarket parts. My options were to add a turbo or supercharger and unfortunately I couldn’t afford them. Justin started to run autocross with triad sports car club and over his first few years for decent but WRX was outclassed due to some of the mods. So in an effort to get a competitive car he chose to sell the WRX and buy a purpose built Civic. I unfortunately wrecked the Genesis and picked up a Miata because I missed that 2 door manual feel. At this time I haven’t been able to modify it in any way but the list keeps getting longer. Naturally there are tons of parts that I would like to buy to upgrade it. I feel like this is the struggle that we all face with our projects. As it were, Just for Gearheads was born from our long time friendship and our love of cars.