About Us


Welcome to Just For Gearheads! My passion for cars began at a young age, and has only grown stronger over the years. I fell in love with cars even though his family wasn’t mechanically inclined. I learned how to work on cars on his own, and started modifying his first car, a 92 Accord just months after taking ownership. It received a typical Honda “Fart Can” Exhaust, colored LEDs, and a terribly crafted sub box. Later on, I met my wife, who shared the same love for cars. We have owned and modified multiple cars and bikes together, including a Samurai, WRX, Ninja 300, EF Hatch, and Miata, to name a few.

At Just For Gearheads, we are committed to providing high-quality car-themed items for fellow enthusiasts. Our background is diverse, and we use our love and knowledge of cars to create unique and exciting products. We have invested in multiple 3D printers, and a laser cutter/engraver to bring our ideas to life. We are always looking to expand our product line and offer new and exciting items to our customers. If you have an idea for a product that you can’t find on our site, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email, Facebook, Instagram, or Tiktok under the name “justforgearheads”. We welcome your feedback and suggestions, and look forward to hearing from you! Thank you for choosing Just For Gearheads.

We hope our passion for cars and commitment to quality shows in everything we create.